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"Strategies of Commercialization of Moringa" in the SADC Region 2018 Conference

The SADC event is primarily an OPPORTUNITY sharing and field sharing event designed to bring together Investors, Moringa experts from various organizations, Moringa experts fromvarious organizations, Moringa stakeholders including farmers, processors, consumers, Pharmaceutical companies, financiers, government and other interested groups.

The Moringa Development Corporation group will show case the Moringa soups, juices, teas, soaps and a variety of dishes made with Moringa. These Products will be available for sampling and purchase.

The workshop is an excellent platform for the knowledge exchange, sharing experience and sharing the Nutritional health benefits of this Miracle plant.

As a deal- making, partnership consummation event, this workshop is not just another talking shop; it is a unique business platform for economic empowerment especially for women and youth project promotion and business platform expected to be an annual event.