"Farming Your Lifestyle into a Business"

As a leader in the industry, moringa development corporation is currently promoting economic change among the rural small scale farmers to eradicate poverty especially among women and children. It intends to invest in the moringa value chain that will ultimately have a positive impact in the lives of the small scale farmers that will be engaged in the out grower scheme  

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Our Vision

We aim to facilitate the commercialization of Moringa in the SADC region and improve the economic status of small scale farmers

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We help you through every step of the way

We will help enhance your skills, Provide you with access to low cost agro-credit and improved market improving the economic status of you the small scale farmer

Any one can join the Moringa Value Chain.

Moringa Development Corporation Works with everyone From the Moringa Grower to Moringa Investor or Moringa Processors.

What we Want to Achieve with You 

Strengthen the capacities and efficiencies of an increased number of small scale famers

Sustain Moringa production among the small scale famers through an increased number of hector age cultivated

Strengthen the capacities MDC - Moringa out-grower scheme project to manage the project

Enhanced managerial and technical capacities of staff with respect to the moringa out-grower project 

Access to low cost inputs such as certified seeds

Contribute to the provision of low cost credit for Moringa farming inputs for out-growers

Contribute and enhance Moringa farming practices for increased farm yeilds

Improve farm management through technical assistance provided by the corporation

Contribute to enhanced Moringa market accessibility (Moringa Processing plant) 

Improved market access and market development through the establishment of the processing plant

Our Services


Provision of Moringa input supplies (certified seeds, organic fetilizers e.t.c)


We Provide of bulking centers to store or process moringa


Training in financial fitness, farm planning &cultivation methods


Agriculture field days and exchange visits


Supply chain linkages in internation and local markets


We act as an information hub giving you access to all the relevant material you will need to run your Moringa business


Moringa Development Corporation (MDC) is a private inititiative set-up in Zambia to promote investment in the entire Moringa Value Chain and in the process, help increase the income levels and improve the nutritional status of the general populace in the SADC region.

MDC's key activities shall through its various activities Advance improved crop Management, Access to both localand international markets, Promote Value addition through Networking and Collaboration with stakeholders across the Moringa Value Chain


Moringa oleifera is a plant that contains vitamin A,B, (thiamine), B2 Riboflavin, B3 niacin, B6, Foliate and vitamin C, calcium potassium, iron magnesium, phosphorus, zinc

What is Moringa?

Moringa oleifera is a plant that contains vitamin A,B, (thiamine), B2 Riboflavin, B3 niacin, B6, Foliate and vitamin C, calcium potassium, iron magnesium, phosphorus, zinc

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